New York City Housing Authority

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Report Fraud

Do You Know Someone Who...
  • Doesn't report their total income?
  • Doesn't report everyone living in the household?
  • Rents or sublets their apartment?
  • Steals time, money or resources from NYCHA?

If You Do, Money is Being Wasted!
Keep the money where it belongs - at work in your development to fund:
play areas . . . community centers . . . landscaping . . . after school programs . . . senior activities . . . elevators

You Can Help By Reporting Fraud
All residents are encouraged to report fraud, waste and serious mismanagement that occurs on NYCHA property, to ensure that your taxpayer dollars are being well spent.

Report incidences of fraud immediately while the facts are still fresh in your mind. Reports that are too vague or those that cannot be supported with documentation, are likely to result in a closed report, without any action being taken. Be prepared to answer the following questions:
  • Who was involved? (Names, addresses, phone numbers if available)
  • What happened? (Summary of events, additional sources of evidence)
  • When did it happen? (Date, time, frequency)
  • Where did it happen? (Location, city, state)
  • Why was it done? (Estimated loss to NYCHA, estimated gain to violator)
  • How did it happen? (Scheme or plot used to committ the offense)

Contact NYCHA's Office of the Inspector General
NYCHA's Office of the Inspector General investigates and helps to eliminate corruption, criminal activity, conflicts of interest, and unethical conduct by NYCHA officers, employees, residents, and others who are doing business with, or receiving funds from NYCHA. There are five ways to make a report:
  1. Call: (212) 306-3355
  2. Fax: (212) 306-6484
  3. E-mail:
  4. Online: Dept. of Investigation Online Web Form
  5. Postal mail:
    New York City Housing Authority
    Office of the Inspector General
    250 Broadway, 8th Floor
    New York, NY 10007
    Attn: Complaints

All Reports Are Kept Confidential
The NYCHA Office of the Inspector General (OIG) works diligently to protect the identities of complainants, or individuals who make reports. There are rare circumstances when it may be necessary for the OIG to release the identity of a complainant. However, by disclosing your identity to the OIG, you help to expedite the pending case by making it easier for the OIG to contact you to answer any follow-up questions.

Learn more about NYCHA's Office of the Inspector General

Help Us Keep Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work in Your Development!