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Together We Can Put Garbage in Its Place

Trash disposal area at Wald Houses. (Photo by Pete Mikoleski)

NYCHA is committed to keeping our developments clean and safe but we need to work together with residents to do so. We need the help of our residents to make sure trash is placed in the proper disposal area. Proper trash disposal not only helps keep our developments cleaner and safer but it helps keep vermin away.

Residents should use small kitchen bags to throw garbage out in the chutes located in building hallways. (Photo by Pete Mikoleski)

Household trash must be placed in the compactor chutes located in the hallway of each floor within a NYCHA building. Large items such as mattresses, furniture and other bulky materials must be placed in the designated trash collection areas of the development. If residents are not sure of where to dispose of such items, they need to contact their Management Office. Trash never should be left in the hallway, stairway, lobby, elevator or outside on the sidewalk. Leaving trash in undesignated areas can result in rodent infestation.

Residents can make their environment cleaner and safer by following these Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Use small kitchen bags
  • Place all household garbage in the garbage chute located in the hallway of each floor
  • Take the trash out every night
  • Remove large bulky items such as old furniture and mattresses to designated trash areas Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.
  • Place bulk garbage in designated areas


  • Throw garbage out windows
  • Leave bulky garbage in the hallway, stairway, lobby, elevator, near exits or on the sidewalk
  • Leave household garbage bags in front of the building entrances, walkways or exits

Residents can contact the Management Office to report conditions of large amounts of trash or improperly discarded furniture on development grounds.  

Let’s work together to be good neighbors and help make NYCHA a home we all can be proud of!

January 30, 2012