New York City Housing Authority

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Fire Safety

Fire Safety and Your Apartment Door

To ensure your safety in the event of a fire, your apartment has been equipped with a self-closing door, which swings completely shut upon exiting the apartment. Proper functioning of your apartment’s self-closing entrance door is required by law.

Having a door that closes automatically helps save lives and minimizes property damage by preventing the spread of fire. If your door does not close properly, call Management immediately to have it repaired.

If a door lock or floor covering that you have installed prevents your apartment entrance door from closing freely, a maintenance worker will remove the obstruction free of charge at your request, or you may hire someone to remove the obstruction for you. Leaving your door open or even partially open can increase the spread of a fire to the interior of your apartment or to others.

Know what to do in case of a fire

Located on the interior side of every apartment door is a Fire Safety Notice. Your family should read the notice and review it every few months as part of your family's fire safety plan. The notice advises you on the safest way to exit the building in the event of a fire.

If there is not a Fire Safety Notice on your apartment door, or if it is damaged, please notify your Management Office immediately. Copies of a complete Fire Safety Plan for each individual building are also available at your Management Office.