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FAQs for Hurricane Sandy Rent Abatement
  1. Who is entitled to a rent abatement?
    NYCHA residents in buildings that were severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy and were without essential services: no electricity, no elevators and no heat or water.

  2. Which NYCHA developments are eligible for the rent abatement?
    NYCHA Developments Affected by Hurricane Sandy (in PDF)

  3. When will the rent abatement be applied to my account?
    Your rent abatement/credit will be reflected on your January 2013 rent bill.

  4. Why must I wait until January 2013 for my rent abatement?
    Because services were restored at different times in different areas, NYCHA was not able to calculate all rent abatements in time for the November 19, 2012, processing date for December 2012 rent statements. Accurate abatements will appear in January 2013 rent statements, which will be mailed in December.

  5. How will my rent abatement be calculated?
    NYCHA will prorate the rent abatement based on the number of days that your building was without essential services.

  6. What do I need to do to receive the rent abatement?
    NYCHA will determine and calculate rent abatements for residents who live in storm-impacted buildings where building services were interrupted. NYCHA residents are NOT required to submit documentation to prove they were in a storm-impacted building.

  7. If I currently pay for air conditioner, freezer and/or washing machine fees, will I receive a credit for these fees?
    Yes, you will receive a prorated credit for these monthly fees.

  8. Am I eligible to receive the rent abatement if I relocated due to damage in my apartment caused by Hurricane Sandy and I am not able to move back?
    Yes, you may be eligible to receive the rent abatement. In addition to any applicable abatement, NYCHA is offering apartment transfers to residents who cannot move back into their apartments as a result damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

  9. Am I eligible to receive a rent abatement if I was staying at a hotel or shelter or with family or friends?
    Yes, the prorated rent abatement will apply both to residents who remained in their apartments and to residents who relocated elsewhere.

  10. Am I responsible for paying rent if I could not move out of my apartment as scheduled because of the hurricane? 
    In addition to any applicable abatement, NYCHA will grant a grace period of 10 days after essential services are restored for residents to move out without penalty or additional fees.

  11. Am I eligible to receive a rent credit if I was given keys and was scheduled to move into a NYCHA apartment but could not because of the hurricane?
    If you were not able to move in because Hurricane Sandy impacted essential services to your building, you will receive a rent abatement.

  12. Who should I contact if I see signs of mold in my NYCHA apartment or building due to Hurricane Sandy and I am experiencing other maintenance issues?
    Please call NYCHA’s Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771 to report any signs of mold or maintenance issues as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

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