New York City Housing Authority

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NYCHA is better prepared. Are you?

On October 21, 2013, NYCHA Staff and community partners launched the first in a series of three Command Post Tent Events where information was shared to help residents get prepared for an emergency. Here is what Jacqueline McMichael, a resident of Ocean Bay and an attendee had to say about her experience:

NYCHA’s employees, residents, and properties are better prepared for a potential hurricane or weather-related emergency during the 2013 hurricane season through:

  • Staff Training
  • Equipment and Materials Management
  • Service and Resource Coordination
  • Communication
  • Resident Engagement

Highlights of our work can be found in our newsletters on disaster preparedness.

Command Post Events

NYCHA Staff and community partners set up the NYCHA Command Post to provide residents with important information to help families prepare for an emergency. See photos from our events:

Residents: Read our newsletters on disaster preparedness.

NYCHA Residents: Get Prepared for Storm Emergencies