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Community Service Credits

Community Service Credits

The following are CREDITS that reduce or eliminate the number of community service hours that a resident must perform in one year. These credits apply to the following special circumstances or activity. Note that the maximum number of hours that any resident must perform in one year is 96 hours (8 hours per month). One credit is equal to one hour of community service performed.

1.    Resident Association (RA) Officers: All RA officers receive 8 hours of community service credits for any month in which they serve.

Foster Parent: A foster parent whose foster child(ren) lives in the same NYCHA apartment receives a credit of 8 hours of community service for every 30 days that the foster care relationship continues.

Job Search and Job Readiness Assistance: A resident is credited with a maximum of 16 hours of community service (and not more than 16) for any job search activities during any lease year. This credit is requested using the Community Service Exemption Verification – Education Job Training form or submitting proof of unemployment benefits. Job readiness assistance includes any of the following:

  • Receipt of Unemployment Insurance Benefits qualifies as job search.
  • Training in job-seeking skills
  • Training in the preparation of resumes or job applications
  • Training in interviewing skills
  • Participating in a job club
  • Other related activities that may assist an individual to secure employment

2.    Military Service: Residents performing military service on Active Duty (in the: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard) or in a Reserve Component (in the: Army National Guard, Air National Guard, Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve or Coast Guard Reserve) receive 96 hours of Community Service credit for the year.

3.    Pregnancy: Residents who are pregnant receive an 8 hour credit upon proof of pregnancy. No other medical factors are needed. This credit can be given only once during the pregnancy. (This credit does not prevent a woman from qualifying for the Illness Credit-based pregnancy.)

4.    Temporary illness: Residents who are ill and unable to work will receive 8 hours of credit for every 30 days of illness. This requires a doctors note.

5.    Victims of Domestic Violence, Intimidated Victims and Intimidated Witnesses (VDV/IV/IW): Residents whose request to transfer to another development as a VDV/IV/IW has been approved receive a credit of 8 hours of community service for every 30 days that the transfer request is pending, or until the resident moves out of the apartment.

6.    Incarceration: Residents shall be credited for 8 hours of community service for every 30 days during incarceration. (Proof of incarceration must be submitted).

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