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Rent a NYCHA Community Center for Your Next Event

You are cordially invited to hold your party or event in one of the New York City Housing Authority's (NYCHA's) Community Centers! Choose a location from one of NYCHA's 113 Community Centers throughout the 5 boroughs. Whether you're planning a bridal or baby shower, a corporate event, or a birthday party, a NYCHA Community Center offers an affordable venue to host your upcoming event.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on How to Rent a NYCHA Community Center for your Event

Q: How can I rent a NYCHA Community Center?

Visit your local Center to inquire about the availability of rental space. If the space is available, you must complete a rental application. A rental application can be obtained at any Community Center. Once you complete the rental application, you will be required to submit a security deposit ($100 for NYCHA residents or $250 for non-NYCHA residents) with a U.S. Postal Money Order made payable to NYCHA.

If your application is approved, the Community Center Director or designee will notify you. Upon notification, at least one-half of the rental fee, via U.S. Postal Money Order made payable to NYCHA, must be paid at that time. . The remaining balance must be paid with a U.S. Postal Money Order payable to NYCHA, at least two weeks prior to the event and given to the Center Director or Person-in-Charge. Rental fees vary for each Community Center and are posted on each Community Center's bulletin board.

If your application is denied, the Center Director or designee will notify you and make arrangements to return your security deposit. You may opt to pick up the security deposit at your Community Operations Borough Office or at the Community Center where you completed the application.

Q: How many hours can I rent a Center for?

Renters are allowed 5 hours for the actual event (which includes clean up) and 1 hour before the event to set-up. All events must end by 1:00 AM.

Additional hours may be requested, at an additional hourly fee, provided that the event ends no later than 1:00 AM.

Requests for additional hours must be made before final payment is received. Requests made after final payment is received will not be approved.

Q:  How will I get access to the Center's rental space on the day of the event?

NYCHA staff will promptly open the rental space for the renter 1 hour before the event's start-time for set-up.

Q:  Can I use the Center's kitchen for cooking food?

 No. Kitchen stoves can only be used for reheating food that has already been prepared. Cooking is not permitted due to fire safety concerns.

Q:  What happens if my event does not end by the time indicated on the rental application?

Renters are responsible for ensuring that events end and the space is cleaned before the end-time indicated on the rental application. Failure to end the event and/or clean up by the specified end-time may result in forfeiture of the security deposit.

Q:  Do I have to clean up after the event?

Yes. The renter must leave the Center as clean as it was found, with floors swept, surfaces (e.g., tables, counters, and stove tops) wiped, and garbage collected, removed, and placed in a designated area by the rental's end-time. Failure to leave the Center as clean as it was found before the rental end-time may result in forfeiture of the security deposit.

Q:  Will Center staffs provide supplies to clean up the Center's rental space after the event?

Renters will be given a clean up starter kit, which consists of 2 garbage bags and 1 roll of paper towels, and given access to a mop, a pail, water, cleaning solution, a broom and a dust pan for clean up after the event.  The renter is responsible for providing any additional paper towels and garbage bags.

Q:  Can I pay NYCHA staff to supervise rentals and/or clean up?

No. It is against NYCHA policy for NYCHA staff to accept funds as compensation to supervise rental events or to do clean ups.

Q: What is NYCHA's Rental Cancellation Policy?

NYCHA reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement and withdraw approval at anytime, with or without cause, without incurring liability of any kind, and that the renter's sole remedy shall be the refund of any security deposit fees.

Q:  How can I get my security deposit returned after an event?

Security Deposits will be returned to the renter within 5 business days after the rental, provided that the Center is left clean and that there are no damages or losses to the premise. The renter can opt to pick up the security deposit at the Community Operations Borough Office or at the Center where the application was completed.

Q: What if damage or loss occurs to the Center during the rental? 

If damage or losses occur, the Center Director or Person-in-Charge, along with the Supervisor of Caretakers, will prepare an itemized list of damages/losses and will consult with the Development Manager to determine the cost of such damage or loss. This amount will be deducted from the security deposit.

Q:  If I am only due a partial refund on a security deposit because of repair damage or losses how will the partial refund be issued?

 Renters who are owed partial refunds must complete a W-9 form, which will be provided by the Community Center Director or Person-in-Charge, so that refund requests can be processed. NYCHA will issue a check to renters for any partial refunds owed within 30 calendar days.

Q: What if the cost to repair damages or remedy loss exceeds the security deposit?

The renter is responsible for reimbursing the Authority for the full cost of clean up, loss, or damage that exceeds the security deposit fee. Loss or damage to the premise may be noted on NYCHA residents' tenancy file, which may affect the approval of future rentals.