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Health Matters

Always Treat Your Baby Gently
To develop properly, your baby needs to be touched often, held close, and handled gently all the time. Some parents, older children, and babysitters who know it's never alright to hit a baby think that shaking a baby is okay. Never shake your baby for any reason, no matter how tired, angry, or frustrated you feel. Shaking a baby, or even a young child, can cause bleeding in the brain that could kill or cause permanent injuries. Even some kinds of play are dangerous, such as tossing a child into the air, spinning a child around, or jogging with a baby on your back.

Here are some ways to cope with a crying baby:
  • Make sure your baby isn't hungry, wet, or too cold or too hot
  • Offer a pacifier
  • Walk around holding your baby close to you
  • Call a friend, relative, or neighbor for help
  • If all else fails, put your baby in the crib, making sure your baby is safe and check back every 5 minutes or so

For more information, please see the Administration for Children's Services Take Good Care of Your Baby Campaign.

Source: New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene Log on to DOMHH website for more tips on how to treat your baby gently.