New York City Housing Authority

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Funding for NYCHA Repairs & Maintaining Buildings

Capital repairs made through NYCHA spending federal money.
NYCHA Buildings Need More Repairs and More Funding

NYCHA buildings are aging structures – many are 50, 60 and even 70-plus years old. Major upgrades are needed regularly to ensure that heating, plumbing, and other systems continue to function properly. Ongoing maintenance and repairs to both the interior and exterior of NYCHA buildings and apartments are needed to keep them well-maintained and free of disrepair caused by outside elements or day-to-day wear and tear. Preserving existing buildings and apartments will enable NYCHA to continue assisting those who already live in public housing and those who will need this assistance in the future.

Shrinking Federal Funding for NYCHA Capital Projects

More than 75 percent of NYCHAs buildings are over three decades old. Older buildings are typically more costly to maintain, and NYCHA needs more funding than the federal government will provide to make necessary repairs.

  • Since 2001, NYCHA has experienced a total loss of $900 million in funding for capital improvements.


NYCHA Capital Funds


NYCHA Capital Funds



  • NYCHA needs $6 billion dollars for capital improvement work which includes: brick work, façade and roof repairs, elevator replacement, front and rear entrance renovations, heating upgrades and kitchen and bathroom renovations.
  • NYCHA must also look for additional funding. With HUD approval, NYCHA will immediately bring in additional capital funding by borrowing funds in the private market by employing HUD’s Capital Fund Financing Program mechanism and issuing a bond. This bond will be used to address areas such as brickwork and roof work, where disrepair can cause leaks or unsafe conditions in residents’ homes.
  • NYCHA must also update its methods for performing capital work. The Authority will secure current, accurate data on its buildings and thereby improve its ability to plan and execute capital projects. The Capital Projects Division will focus on improving its processes, coordinating more effectively with Property Management to identify and prioritize needs of the properties. NYCHA will use a variety of project delivery methods to meet the varying needs of its portfolio and to deliver quality work on time and on budget.

NYCHA is working with all of its stakeholders, as well as several city agency partners to support resident training and hiring efforts.  And NYCHA will work with residents, advocates, employees and city agencies to ensure that capital investments are made with environmental sustainability in mind.

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