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NYCHA to Install Cleaner, Quieter Compactors at Washington Houses

As the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) makes way for a new 450-seat charter school and 89 units of affordable housing to be built by Harlem RBI on the south side of 104th Street in the northeastern corner of NYCHA’s George Washington Houses, it is also improving waste management by installing new state-of-the-art compactors that will create a cleaner environment for all.
NYCHA officials give Washington Houses residents a tour of garbage compactors at Linden Houses.

The site of the new charter school and affordable housing is currently a sanitation yard that processes garbage from the Washington Houses. It is also an approximately 40-space parking lot. After two years of planning, analysis, and studying what would be the best location for the new compactor, NYCHA determined that the current barbecue area on the south side of E 102nd street between 230 E 102nd St. and 220 E 102nd St. best meets the needs for the development. Every viable site on the Washington Houses campus for the compactor yard relocation was analyzed – factors included spatial requirements, underground utilities and proximity to residential buildings. A brand new barbecue area will be constructed in a more centrally located area on the same block and the parking lot will be replaced, as well. NYCHA presented this plan to the residents in June 2011.

NYCHA took a tour with residents from Washington Houses on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 to the Linden Houses in Brooklyn to look at compactors similar to what will be installed at the Washington Houses. The residents were impressed at how clean and relatively quiet the compactors were. They were given a demonstration of how the pre-crusher works, which has the capability of crushing eight tons of bulk items, as opposed to three tons by the one currently in use,  and they saw how the garbage is compacted and deodorized.

Due to advancements in compactor models, the size of the new sanitation yard at Washington Houses will be smaller than the current one and will feature fewer compactors - three instead of six. The new compactors will have deodorizing technology to create a cleaner environment.  NYCHA will build louvered fences to surround the yard for sanitation and security reasons and evergreen trees intermixed with flowering trees will be planted to provide an additional buffer, defraying potential noise and odors.

“Compacting waste saves money, improves safety and security, improves aesthetics and increases usable space,” said Ceasare Gentile, NYCHA Coordinator of the Waste Management Unit. “The new compactors we will be installing at the Washington Houses are more energy-efficient, quieter and better for the environment.”

In order to maintain a schedule where the school will open on time in September 2014 and the affordable housing construction can begin - NYCHA will begin moving the compactors next month.  The new BBQ area will be constructed in the same time frame.

By Zodet Negrón
March 26, 2012

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