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Milagores Colmenares at St. Mary’s-Moore Houses. (Photo by Leticia Barboza)
NYCHA Resident Training Academy Pays Off

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is most notable for the affordable homes that it provides to thousands of New Yorkers. But NYCHA is also committed to leveraging its spending and the strengths of public-private partnerships to support residents in achieving their financial goals. One prime example of this strategy is NYCHA’s Resident Training Academy (NRTA). Recruitment is currently underway for residents to participate in the three training tracks of the Training Academy.  

The NRTA, a public-private partnership between NYCHA, Robin Hood and some of the premier training providers in New York City, launched in July 2010. NRTA thrives in making a difference in the lives of NYCHA residents by offering job training and placement with NYCHA and NYCHA contractors

The application and training process are completely free to interested NYCHA residents. In the first year, training options included Caretaker (Janitorial) and Construction training. This year, training options continue to include Caretaker (Janitorial), Construction as well as a new Pest Control training track. The Pest Control training track prepares residents to work as Pest Control Technicians. 

Ernesto Carrera, a graduate of the NYCHA Resident Training Academy is now employed by NYCHA as a Caretaker at Isaacs Houses. “I am glad I took advantage of the opportunity.” 
(Photo by Leticia Barboza)

NYCHA residents who are motivated to make a change in their lives are encouraged to apply. In the first year of the program, more than 85% of graduates earned jobs post-graduation!

Milagores Colmenares took advantage of the opportunities provided by the NRTA and is now a certified NYCHA Caretaker. Ms. Colmenares, who is a resident of Castle Hill Houses in the Bronx said, “As a graduate of the NYCHA Resident Training Academy, I am grateful and am doing well. I take my position as a Caretaker J seriously, and often arrive one-to-two hours earlier than my 8 a.m. shift to get started on my tasks.”

Lionel Torres, a NRTA construction graduate and resident of Woodside Houses in Queens, now works as a Laborer for Chelsea Houses in Manhattan. “I am happy to have a nice-paying job,” Mr. Torres said. 

Presently, NYCHA’s Office of Resident Economic Empowerment and Sustainability (REES) are pre-screening applicants for the Janitorial, Construction and Pest Control training tracks for the NYCHA Resident Training Academy. NYCHA residents can learn more about these career training and job opportunities by contacting REES at (718) 289-8100.

By Starr Lane
Aug. 1, 2011

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