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For Immediate Release
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Date: May 21, 2002

Clason Point Gardens To Get Facelift

The 46 buildings that make up Clason Point Gardens in the Bronx will be undergoing a major overhaul of their brick exterior walls under a $1.57 million contract recently approved by the Board of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).

“This major renovation will rejuvenate the look of these buildings, but more importantly, it will enhance the integrity of the structures and increase the level of safety,” said NYCHA Chairman Tino Hernandez. “I hope the residents will be very pleased with the results.”

The contract includes power washing the walls and repairing the brick stucco façade. It also calls for replacing the aluminum vents and waterproofing the buildings.

The contract was awarded to East Coast Construction & Design Inc. and is expected to take about 2½ years to complete once work begins.

Clason Point Gardens has 46, two-story buildings on 17.03-acres with 401 apartments. It is home to 946 residents. Completed in December 1941, it is boarded by Story, Seward, Noble and Metclaf Avenues.