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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NYCHA Announces Substantial Budget Reductions As a Result of Sequestration

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) today announced a series of budgetary cuts including layoffs; reduction in overtime spending; a hiring freeze, which began in February 2013; attrition with only minimal back-filling of positions; the elimination of programs; and possible furloughs. These cuts are a result of NYCHA sustaining a $205 million decrease in federal funding caused by the Budget Control Act, also known as sequestration, as well as the Continuing Resolution. Despite these measures, NYCHA is committed to continuing with its Action Plan to eliminate the backlog of maintenance and repair work orders, as well as continuing to offer community and senior programs this summer.  NYCHA also will continue its capital improvements to major projects such as roof repair, elevator rehabilitation, heating and plumbing systems, and brickwork. The announced budget cuts began in February 2013.

“These mandatory cuts severely hinder our work to provide safe, affordable housing, as well as access to critical services, to the most vulnerable population—low-income New Yorkers,” said NYCHA Chairman John B. Rhea. “While we will continue to maintain our developments and provide service to all of our residents to the best of our ability, sequestration underscores the need for NYCHA to pursue alternative sources of funding that aren’t subject to government appropriations and can reliably sustain our mission to house low-income families in New York City.”

In order to continue to provide basic services to the more than 650,000 residents served by NYCHA, the Authority has instituted a hiring freeze; and will explore implementing furloughs. In addition, NYCHA will not proceed with its usual seasonal program hiring, which could have an impact on local economies, including jobseekers, small businesses, and private landlords. However, thanks to the City’s support, NYCHA is able to hire staff for community and senior center summer programs this summer, which are scheduled to begin on July 8.

NYCHA’s Leased Housing Department, which oversees the Section 8 Program, will reduce payments from a current rate of 110 percent to 90 percent of HUD’s Fair Market Rent (FMR). This may mean a possible increase in the tenant’s rent. NYCHA also has submitted requests to HUD for Section 8 budget shortfall funding relief and cost-saving waiver.

“There is no question that these reductions will be painful, and create additional challenges for us in meeting the needs of our residents,” said NYCHA General Manager Cecil R. House. “However, the dedication and creativity of NYCHA’s staff will continue to deliver great results for the families who count on us.”

Sequestration is the latest blow to public housing and comes on the heels of over a decade of disinvestment. Since 2001, NYCHA’s federal funding has declined by more than $2 billion. Even before the onset of the sequestration cuts, NYCHA faced a structural annual operating deficit of $60 million, and $14 billion dollars in unfunded capital improvements for new roofs, brickwork, heating and plumbing systems and elevators.

In the past, NYCHA has taken a wide-ranging, comprehensive approach by implementing innovative solutions and making a host of hard choices along the way, including reducing our operating deficit by 60 percent over the last four years. NYCHA also recently announced bold proposals, such as our plan to create a source of new, sustainable revenue by offering land at selected NYCHA housing developments for the development of market-rate and affordable housing.


NYCHA-Operated Community & Senior Centers

BronxBoston Secor3540 Bivona St.BronxNY10475(718) 671-1040
BronxButler1368 Webster Ave.BronxNY10456(718) 410-5050
BronxDavidson1221 Prospect Ave.BronxNY10459(718) 328-9078
BronxFt Independence3350 Bailey Ave.BronxNY10463(718) 884-7050
BronxGun Hill745 Magenta St.BronxNY10467(718) 324-1807
BronxHighbridge Grdns1155 University Ave.BronxNY10452(718) 992-7797
BronxJustice Sonia Sotomayor1000 Rosedale Ave.BronxNY10472(718) 542-7470
BronxMonterey/Twin Parks2100 Monterey Ave.BronxNY10457(718) 367-6689
BronxMurphy601 Crotona Park NorthBronxNY10457(718) 466-6724
BronxParkside2972 Bronx Park EastBronxNY10467(718) 882-0787
BronxPelham Parkway785 Pelham Pkway NBronxNY10467(718) 547-5929
BronxSedgwick1553 University Ave.BronxNY10453(718) 731-2600
BronxSt. Mary's Park595 Trinity Ave.BronxNY10455(718) 665-7610
BrooklynAlbany164 Troy Ave.BrooklynNY11213(718) 771-6462
BrooklynAtlantic Term501 Carlton Ave.BrooklynNY11238(718) 783-7329
BrooklynBoulevard726 Stanley Ave.BrooklynNY11207(718) 272-0050
BrooklynBreukelen715 East 105th St.BrooklynNY11236(718) 649-0448
BrooklynBrevoort280 Ralph Ave.BrooklynNY11233(718) 493-3917
BrooklynCarey Gardens2315 Surf Ave.BrooklynNY11224(718) 996-5893
BrooklynCooper Park76 Kingsland Ave.BrooklynNY11211(718) 383-5292
BrooklynGlenwood5816  Farragut Ave.BrooklynNY11234(718) 451-2389
BrooklynHope Gardens422 Central Ave.BrooklynNY11221(718) 453-7361
BrooklynHoward90 Watkins St..BrooklynNY11212(718) 495-5079
BrooklynIndependence Towers114 Taylor St.BrooklynNY11211(718) 302-3416
BrooklynKingsborough129 Kingsborough 1st WalkBrooklynNY11233(718) 735-5900
BrooklynLafayette Gardens442 Dekalb Ave.BrooklynNY11205(718) 857-0207
BrooklynLangston Hughes301 Sutter Ave.BrooklynNY11212(718) 922-3255
BrooklynMarcus Garvey20 Amboy St.BrooklynNY11212(718) 649-3970
BrooklynO'Dwyer2945 West 33rd St.BrooklynNY11224(718) 946-0519
BrooklynPenn-Wortman895 Pennsylvania Ave.BrooklynNY11207(718) 649-1371
BrooklynRed Hook East/Joseph Miccio110 West  9th St.BrooklynNY11231(718) 243-1528
BrooklynRoosevelt II400 Hart St.BrooklynNY11206(718) 919-5623
BrooklynSaratoga940 Hancock St.BrooklynNY11233(718) 443-2539
BrooklynSeth Low137 Belmont Ave.BrooklynNY11212(718) 345-1205
BrooklynSheepshead/Nostrand3679 Nostrand Ave. (mailing address is 3643)BrooklynNY11229(718) 891-5062
BrooklynStuyvesant Gardens214 Stuyvesant Ave.BrooklynNY11221(718) 455-3069
BrooklynTilden630 Mother Gaston Blvd.BrooklynNY11212(718) 495-0910
BrooklynTompkins736 Park Ave.BrooklynNY11206(718) 384-6578
BrooklynUnity Plaza(Sites 4-27)576 Blake Ave.BrooklynNY11207(718) 346-4807
BrooklynWilliams Plaza321 Roebling St.BrooklynNY11211(718) 384-5837
BrooklynWyckoff Gardens280 Wyckoff St.BrooklynNY11217(718) 834-8595
BrooklynWilliamsburg195 Graham Ave.BrooklynNY11206(718) 387-7482
BrooklynVan Dyke I392 Blake Ave.BrooklynNY11212(718) 485-3719
ManhattanBaruch605 FDR DriveNew YorkNY10002(212) 477-2541
ManhattanCampos Plaza611 East 13th SreetNew YorkNY10009(212) 677-1801
ManhattanClinton120 East 110th St.New YorkNY10029(212) 876-1240
ManhattanDrew Hamilton220 West 143rd St.New YorkNY10030(212) 368-0759
ManhattanEast River404 East 105th St.New YorkNY10029(212) 348-1220
ManhattanJackie Robinson110 East 129th St.New YorkNY10035(212) 348-7900
ManhattanKing Towers2 West 115th St.New YorkNY10026(212) 348-5721
ManhattanLehman Village1589 Madison Ave.New YorkNY10029(212) 876-6480
ManhattanManhattanville530 West 133rd St.New YorkNY10027(212) 491-3377
ManhattanRiis80 Ave. DNew YorkNY10009(212) 228-3240
ManhattanRutgers200 Madison St.New YorkNY10002(212) 385-9349
ManhattanSeward Park Ext56 Essex St.New YorkNY10002(212) 460-8163
ManhattanWagner435 East 120th St.New YorkNY10035(212) 831-6688
QueensAstoria4-05 Astoria BlvdL. I. CityNY11102(718) 721-0289
QueensBeach 41st St.426 Beach 40th St.Far RockawayNY11691((718) 471-0971
QueensHammel81-14 Rkway Beach Blvd.Rkway BeachNY11693(718) 318-4627
QueensWoodside50-19 BroadwayWoodsideNY11377(718) 932-0771
Staten IslandBerry211 Jefferson St.Staten IslandNY10306(718) 979-4892
Staten IslandMariner's Harbor157 Brabant St.Staten IslandNY10303(718) 761-3368
Staten IslandRichmond Terrace71 Jersey St.Staten IslandNY10301(718) 981-9001
Staten IslandSouth Beach155 Norway Ave.Staten IslandNY10305(718) 815-0689
Staten IslandTodt Hill255 Westwood Ave.Staten IslandNY10314(718) 761-4393
Staten IslandWest Brighton230 BroadwayStaten IslandNY10310(718) 981-3281

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