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Supervisor of Caretakers Hiram Mendez with maintenance workers Raymond Acevedo and Steven Davis pictured outside of Ingersoll Houses. (Photo by Leticia Barboza)
Employees Lead Police to Assailant at Ingersoll Houses

Quick responding employees pursued and led police to the suspected assailant of their colleague, a female Caretaker J, at Ingersoll Houses on November 1.

The caretaker, who wishes to remain anonymous, was returning along the pedestrian bridge to the maintenance area at the end of her work shift when she was assaulted with no warning and for no reason.

She immediately ran to the nearby maintenance area “screaming that someone had just punched her in the face,” Supervisor of Caretakers Hiram Mendez recalled.

In an instant, Mr. Mendez, accompanied by maintenance workers Raymond Acevedo and Steven Davis, ran outside with their colleague, who was able to identify the suspect.

“First I called the police,” said Mr. Mendez, “then we followed the man running across the development and inside the resident building at 87 Monument Walk.”

Ray Ingersoll Houses plaque. (Photo by Leticia Barboza)
Ray Ingersoll who "planned and helped to build a city for better living," would certainly take pride in the recent heroics at his namesake. (Photo by Leticia Barboza)

When informed by residents that the man had run upstairs, Mr. Mendez and Mr. Davis took the elevator while Mr. Acevedo took the staircase to block the possible escape route.

When they found the suspect on the roof, on top of the 10-foot motor room for the elevator, he began to throw rocks at them.

“We just cornered him so that he couldn’t get away,” said Mr. Davis.

A police helicopter soon appeared followed by an EMS vehicle. After a ten-minute stand-off, the police arrived and apprehended the suspect. Assistant Superintendent Frank Segarra praised the response of staff and residents, noting that a number of management department employees stayed late to console and support the female caretaker.

“In just a few days, this dedicated employee was back at work despite her injuries and ordeal,” he said.

Although the involved employees knew that Ingersoll Housing Manager Jaldo Mason, Superintendent Paul Silvers and Assistant Superintendent Raymond Santiago were all impressed with their response, they were surprised when the Bulletin told them that their deeds were also reported to Brooklyn Property Management Department Director Marguerite Mann, DGM for Operations Gloria Finkelman and even Chairman John B. Rhea.

“Staff should be commended for their concern for their co-worker,” the Chairman responded, “but not encouraged to put themselves in undue risk.”

Howard Silver
December 21, 2010