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NYCHA's Future Chess Masters

NYCHA Chess Player
Chess may soon be as popular as basketball is at NYCHA Community Centers. Now in its third year, the chess program currently operates at 53 centers Citywide. Through the game of chess, children are taught how to analyze and resolve difficult situations and build self-confidence. NYCHA’s Chess Program includes intensive training in chess leading up to inter-borough competition and culminating in a citywide tournament. The program operates year-round, with after-school and summer sessions for over 300 youth ages 9 and up.

The NYCHA Chess Team is winning recognition. It meets every Saturday at 90 Church Street from one to three and the seven players on the team, aged from 9 to 12 and chosen from the Citywide program, are showing that they have the right moves. The team has participated in two amateur competitive tournaments. The first entry was in the Right Move Tournament sponsored by the Right Move Foundation where the team took first place. The second tournament the team came in second place leaving some room for improvement.

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