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Centralized Call Center Expands to Manhattan

Centralized Call Center
NYCHA’s Centralized Call Center (CCC) pilot program has expanded to include an additional 16 developments in Manhattan after the successful introduction of 14 developments in the borough last month. The CCC allows residents to call a single number, (718) 707-7771, to schedule all routine maintenance repairs, or to report emergencies, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

The program was first implemented in Staten Island in April 2005 and expanded to include Queens six months later, bringing the total number of apartments covered to 22,000. The first phase in Manhattan covered 15,723 apartments; the second phase in Manhattan adds 16,615 apartments. A third phase will go into effect on May 15 adding an additional 16,615 apartments to the CCC program for a total of 53,543 apartments in the borough.

The CCC already receives (conservatively) over 1,447 calls a day for Staten Island, Queens and for the first two phases in Manhattan.

There are 28 new NYCHA employees who have been training as Customer Service Representatives at the CCC state-of-the-art facility in Long Island City. Thirteen of the new employees are NYCHA residents.

So far, the program has been a success. Prior to the implementation of CCC, work tickets were often duplicated because residents weren’t home when the service worker arrived. Residents can now schedule appointments, and this has significantly reduced the number of reports of TNH, or Tenant Not Home.

"As an agency we have to be as customer-oriented as we possibly can. To achieve that we must be as efficient as we can," said Deputy General Manager for Operations Robert Podmore. "If someone calls in and needs a repair, it's our responsibility to take care of it. The best way to do that is to make an appointment."

Referring to the fact that almost half of the new staff are residents, Mr. Podmore commented, "This is another win/win situation, which will allow us to be more customer-oriented as well as help to improve the quality of life of the new resident employees."

The April rollouts for CCC in Manhattan were: Carver, Drew Hamilton, Fulton, Gompers, Holmes/Issacs, Jackie Robinson, Jefferson, Johnson, LaGuardia, Rangel, Rutgers, Seward Park, Smith and Strauss Houses. Audubon, Campos Plaza, Clinton, Dyckman, East River, Fred Samuels, Grant, King Towers, Lehman Village, LES II, Manhatanville, Randolph, Riis, Taft and Wald.

By the end of May CCC will be rolled out in: Amsterdam, Baruch, Chelsea-Elliott, Douglass, Ft. Washington, Harlem River, Lincoln, Metro-North, Polo Grounds, St. Nicholas, Vladeck, Wagner, Wash/Lex and Wise.