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NYCHA Annual Report (2010)

The NYCHA Annual Report is a comprehensive account of the Authority's activities throughout 2010. In it you will find information about NYCHA and its Board, community investment, partnerships, and resident engagement.





A Closer Look: Annual Report Profiles

John Reddick
Garden and Greening Program

“There are so many great things happening at NYCHA,” says, John Reddick, who has been working with NYCHA’s Garden and Greening program for more than 30 years. “A lot of people don’t know that some of NYCHA’s  gardens are some of the most beautiful gardens in the city and they are impressive.” 

Through the Garden and Greening program, he gets to teach children about the importance of preserving the environment, which is a rewarding experience because he feels educating our children is the key to a brighter future. He is grateful for the abundance of programs offered throughout NYCHA community centers because they not only contribute to the future of NYCHA residents but the surrounding community. Growing up near the Polo Grounds development, Reddick recalls taking karate classes at the Drew Hamilton community center and later teaching it to young adults, who are now passing it on to a new generation. “NYCHA has played an important role in my life.”

Rodriguez Family
Lehman Village

"What I really enjoy is being able to pick up my kids from their activities knowing that they’ve had a great day.”  So says Lehman Village resident Joy Rodriguez, who is a fan of NYCHA’s educational programs. The proud parent of three encourages her two older children, Faith, 15, and Matthew, 7, to take advantage of the programs that the Lehman Village Community Center offers to youth.    “For the past two years my son has participated in the Lehman Village Summer program,” said Ms. Rodriguez.  “Matthew also attends Lehman Village’s afterschool program.”

Her daughter Faith attends the Community Center’s Teen Evening Programs, which offers recreational activities.  However, Ms. Rodriguez said that her daughter was most excited about her participation in the NYCHA-FFAWN Teen Girls’ Initiative, founded by singer Mary J. Blige.  “She really enjoyed it.”

Thelma Yearwood
Meltzer Tower

Thelma Yearwood enjoys life and enjoys helping the other seniors in her building to do the same. “Seniors have something to do here at Meltzer Towers,” said Ms. Yearwood.  “We enjoy each other.”  The 17-year NYCHA resident and Resident Association President stays busy planning activities.  “This year we’re going to Pomona, NY.  It’s a wonderful thing that seniors look forward to,” said Ms. Yearwood of their yearly trips.

The self-proclaimed ‘too blessed to be stressed’ resident states that she really appreciates living in the all-senior facility.  “I have good neighbors and it’s convenient to get around.  We’re in a building all to ourselves,” she said.  “I’m quite content.”

Efrain Sanchez and Alberto Vasquez
Gompers Houses

NYCHA residents for more than 12 years, Efrain Sanchez and Alberto Vasquez could not imagine living anywhere else.  “I’m happy with living here,” said Mr. Vasquez.  “We’re in a good neighborhood.  It’s a good place to live.”  The couple resides in Gompers Houses in Manhattan where they are involved in their Resident Association.

Mr. Vasquez and Mr. Sanchez emphasized that their affordable rent is a positive attribute of living in NYCHA housing, as well as the swift action that is taken when they have maintenance issues.  “We have a good relationship with the manager,” said Mr. Sanchez.  “Whenever we have something that breaks down, things are fixed right away.”

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