New York City Housing Authority

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Noor Chowdhury
La Guardia Houses

When describing his experience as a NYCHA resident, Mr. Noor Chowdhury remarked, “Everything is beautiful.”  He is grateful to be an 11-year resident of La Guardia Houses in Manhattan.  “NYCHA does an excellent job,” Mr. Chowdhury said.  “The people are good.”

Mr. Chowdhury, a father of four, is proud that his children can earn a great education as well as live securely within their community.  “I feel that my facility is safe,” he said.  “Everything is great.”

Gora Family
Vladeck Houses

A sense of community was what Irena Gora found when she moved to Vladeck Houses in 2007.  Her two sons, now in college, were able to grow in a community filled with friendly people who regularly talk and cook for each other.  “I like the people who have lived here for many years. The people are nice here,” said Ms. Gora.

Thomas Mugno, Assistant Director
NYCHA Customer Contact Center

Thomas Mugno had a front row seat to NYCHA’s new frontline assignment program, which placed senior staff members in the field.  As the Assistant Director of the Customer Contact Center, he was at the Brooklyn walk-in center on the first day of the program.  “The senior staff did not just show up, they really dug in, and that made the workforce feel important,” Thomas said.  “It really perked up the staff, and that didn’t last just for the day or the week, it was the kind of motivation that lasts.”

Thomas also likes the message sent to frontline employees by the frontline assignment program.  “When you’re trying to improve your company, the best people to ask are the ones who are with the customers,” he said.  “Good customer service affects everyone positively.”

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