New York City Housing Authority

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Guide to Development

34-45 Linden Place
Queens, NY 11354
(718) 939-2600 Fax (718) 939-5099

Street Boundaries
34th and 35th Avenue/Linden Place
Leavitt Street/137th Street
Subway Lines
7 to Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue (last stop)
E, F to Roosevelt Avenue – transfer to 7
N, Q, R, S, W to 42nd Street and Avenue of The Americas – transfer to 7
Bus Lines
Q17, Q44 to Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue
Q25, Q34 to College Point Boulevard

NAMED AFTER: LEWIS H. LATIMER (1848-1928) – Born to runaway slaves in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Latimer invented and patented an incandescent light bulb with a carbon filament in 1881. He was a skillful, self-taught mechanical draftsman. He served as an engineer for the Edison Company where he supervised the installation of the electric light system. He also made patent drawings of the first telephone for Alexander Graham Bell. Latimer was also an accomplished poet, painter and musician. Latimer Gardens is in Queens.

Lewis H. Latimer Gardens in Queens consists of four, 10-story buildings on 3.84-acres with 423 apartments and some 743 residents. Completed September 30, 1970, it is bordered by 34th and 35th Avenues, Linden Place, Leavitt and 137th Streets.