New York City Housing Authority

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Guide to Development

Consolidated With: Lexington
1773 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10029
(212) 722-2030 Fax (212) 426-8443

Street Boundaries
East 97th Street/Second Ave.
East 104th St./Third Ave.
Subway Lines
6 to 96th Street – walk to 98th Street and Third Avenue
Bus Lines
Uptown M101, M102, M103 on 3rd Avenue 97th to 96th Streets
Downtown M101, M102, M103 on Lexington Avenue to 96th Street

NAMED AFTER: GEORGE WASHINGTON (1732 – 1799) – Commander of the American Continental Army in the Revolutionary War, he went on to become the first President of the United States. He succeeded in capturing Boston from the British, but failed in the following battle to save New York in the Battle of Long Island. On Christmas night in 1776 he led his troops across the Delaware River and defeated the British at Trenton and Princeton, N. J. His army suffered greatly at Valley Forge but stuck it out and became a better fighting force that eventually went on to victory against the British and won independence for the United States. Washington Houses is in Manhattan.
President George Washington Houses consists of 14 buildings, 12 and 14-stories tall with 1,510 apartments housing some 3,517 residents. Completed July 31, 1957, the 20.82-acre complex is between East 97th and East 104th Streets, Second and Third Avenues in Manhattan.