New York City Housing Authority

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Guide to Development

403 East 93rd Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 427-6464 Fax (212) 426-8435

Street Boundaries
Issac Homes/92nd Street
1st Ave./FDR Drive
Subway Lines
6 to 96th Street – walk 3 blocks east – walk 3 blocks south to 93rd Street
Bus Lines
M96 crosstown west to East 96th Street and 1st Avenue – walk 3 blocks
to project
M101, M102, M103 uptown on Third Avenue to 96th Street
M101, M102, M103 downtown on Lexington Avenue to 96th Street
M15 uptown on 1st Avenue to 96th Street
M15 downtown on 2nd Avenue to 96th Street

NAMED AFTER: JOHN HAYNES HOLMES (1879 - 1964) – The prophetic founder of the Community Church of New York and later its Minister. He was known as a pacifist, social service organizer, racial and social justice pioneer, political participant as well as a poet and philosopher. In 1921 he preached a sermon extolling India's legendary Mahatma Gandhi as "The Greatest Man Alive in the World Today." When World War I broke out, he refused to go to war and would not extol military service from his pulpit. Holmes Towers is in Manhattan.

John Haynes Holmes Towers consists of two, 25-story buildings on 2.81-acres with 537 apartments housing an estimated 943 residents. Completed April 30, 1969, the development in Manhattan is bordered by First Avenue, Isaacs Houses, F.D.R. Drive, and East 92nd Street.