New York City Housing Authority

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Guide to Development

Consolidated With: Elliot
430 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001
(212) 924-2626 Fax (212) 627-7938

Street Boundaries
9th Avenue/10th Avenue
25th Street/26th Drive
Subway Lines
C, E to 23rd Street – walk to 26th Street and 9th Avenue
Bus Lines
M10, M11 to 26th Street and 9th Avenue

NAMED AFTER: JOHN LOVEJOY ELLIOTT (1868 - 1942)– A dynamic humanist, Elliott fell in love with one of the city's worst neighborhoods and dedicated his life to the people there. That area is the Chelsea-Elliott section of Manhattan's West Side in the 20s. He was a major force in getting the Chelsea and Elliott developments built. He founded the Hudson Guild a neighborhood settlement house that still provides activities and a summer camp program for youngsters in the area. Elliott was a senior leader of the Ethical Culture Society where he taught ethics, teachings he also brought to the Hudson Guild and the people of the area. Elliott Houses is in Manhattan.

Chelsea Houses in Manhattan has two 21-story buildings with 426 apartments housing some 1,028 residents. The 1.93-acre site is on Ninth Avenue between West 25th and West 26th Streets. It was completed May 31, 1964.