New York City Housing Authority

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Guide to Development

301 East 143rd Street
Bronx, NY 10451
(718) 292-5800 Fax (718) 665-4354

Street Boundaries
143rd Street/145th Street
Third Avenue/Morris Avenue
Subway Lines
2, 5 to 149th Street and 3rd Avenue – walk south to East 143rd Street
6 to 138th and Alexander Avenue – walk east to 143rd Street and 3rd Avenue
Bus Lines
BX1 to 144th Street and Grand Concourse – walk to Morris Avenue
BX2 to 149th Street and 3rd Avenue (last stop)
BX21 to 143rd Street and 3rd Avenue
BX32 to Morris Avenue and 3rd Avenue
BX41 to 3rd Avenue and 143rd Street
BX15 to Willis Avenue – walk 1 block to 3rd Avenue

NAMED AFTER: LESTER PATTERSON (1893 - 1947) – A Bronx County judge who had just started his second 14-year term, Patterson suddenly died at age 54 following a critical illness. A former State Assemblyman, Bronx County Sheriff and Bronx County Clerk, Patterson, as a judge, earned a reputation as being tough with tough guys and being merciful with defendants whose mistake stemmed from an error. As a judge who gave maximum sentences to gangsters, he often leaned in the opposite direction by meting out probation or suspended sentences to more than 40 persons accused of homicide. He was known to castigate juries for being too lenient, and being unbending to muggers who he shipped off to jail. Patterson Houses is in the Bronx.
Lester Patterson Houses in the Bronx has 15 buildings 6 and 13-stories tall with 1,788 apartments housing an estimated 4,460 residents. Completed December 31, 1950, the 17.18-acre site is between East 139th and East 145th Streets, Morris and Third Avenues.