New York City Housing Authority

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Guide to Development

230 Powell Street
Brooklyn, NY 11212
(718) 498-9229 Fax (718) 922-6371

Street Boundaries
Powell Street/Christopher Street
Sackman Street/Pitkin Avenue
Subway Lines
L to Sutter Avenue – walk to Powell Street and Belmont Avenue
3 to Junius Street – walk to Powell Street and Belmont Avenue
Bus Lines
B14 to Mother Gaston Boulevard and Belmont Avenue
B40 to Powell Street and Liberty Avenue

NAMED AFTER: SETH LOW (1850-1916) - A political reformer and college president, he was the reform Mayor of the City of Brooklyn for two terms (1882-86) and President of Columbia University (1886-1901). In 1901 he was elected Mayor of Greater New York City, now a combined government consisting of all five boroughs. As Mayor of New York City he reformed the police and education departments, reorganized city finances and attacked the existence of unsanitary tenements. Seth Low Houses is in Brooklyn.
Mayor Seth Low Houses in Brooklyn has four buildings, 17 and 18-stories high on 5.89-acres with 536 apartments housing some 1,506 residents. Completed December 31, 1967, it is bordered by Pitkin Avenue, Sackman, Powell and Christopher Streets.