New York City Housing Authority

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Guide to Development

251 Nassau Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 625-7044 Fax (718) 624-7243

Street Boundaries
Navy Street/Nassau Walk
York Street/Bridge Street
Subway Lines
A, C to High Street
F to York Street
Q, Q<> to Dekalb Avenue
Bus Lines
B57, B61, B69 to Nassau Walk and Navy Street

NAMED AFTER: DAVID GLASGOW FARRAGUT (1801 – 1870) – The first Admiral of the U.S. Navy, Farragut was one of the most colorful commanders of the Civil War. He was the most famous Hispanic on the Union Forces during the war. He was born James Glasgow Farragut, son of seafarer who came from an island off Spain. David Porter, a navy officer adopted him after the Farraguts saved Porter's unconscious father from a drifting boat. He changed his name to David Glasgow Farragut. He went to sea with Porter at age 8 and became a midshipman before he was 10. He saw combat at 11 and commanded his first ship at 12. In 1864 he was summoned from New York to lead the attack on Mobile Bay, the last Confederate stronghold on the Gulf of Mexico. When one of his lead ships struck a torpedo and sank and his ships were reluctant to proceed, he rallied his men to victory, shouting: "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead." Farragut Houses is across from the Navy Yard in Brooklyn.
Farragut Houses in Brooklyn has 1,390 apartments housing some 3,440 residents in ten buildings, 13 and 14-stories high. The 16.61-acre complex was completed April 30, 1952 and is bordered by York, Nassau, Navy and Bridge Streets.