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Social Services

NYCHA operates social service programs with our professionally trained and certified social workers and paraprofessional staff. Our social services staff members conduct outreach, crisis response, and preventative services to enhance the quality of life for NYCHA residents and help maintain viable communities in a safe and secure environment.

If you need help in a crisis, you can turn to NYCHA’s social services programs. NYCHA’s professionally trained social services staff can work with you in your home or the social services office in your borough to develop a service plan, advocate on your behalf, and refer you to the appropriate service provider from a broad continuum of community-based and city-wide agencies.

NYCHA has tailored its programs to meet the needs of our diverse population, and we also partner with a myriad of social service providers to make sure all resident needs are accommodated. Our Services include household management assistance, transitional and supportive services, outreach and referral to community organizations, prevention services for substance abuse, child abuse and elder abuse assistance, domestic violence intervention, crisis response, and referrals for mental health services.

In addition to the services listed below, we also provide several specialized senior services geared to the unique needs of the elderly population.

Outreach and Support
Supportive Outreach Services (SOS)
Emergency Transfer Program
Witness Relocation Program
Furniture Distribution Program
Mediation Program (SafeHorizon)
Anonymous Resident Referral for NYCHA Social Services NEW

Domestic Violence Programs
Domestic Violence Aftercare Program
Domestic Violence Intervention, Education and Prevention Program (DVIEP)
Safe Horizon

Outreach and Support

Supportive Outreach Services (SOS)

Residents needing assistance coping with everyday situations or stressful events are referred to Supportive Outreach Services by NYCHA Development Management, neighbors, family members, other NYCHA staff, or upon requests from the residents themselves. Social services staff members provide resources and assist clients in developing necessary coping and problem solving skills for daily living. Our staff meets with each client, assesses the situation, assists them in developing a service plan and provides referrals and advocacy and supportive services as needed. Our staff also intervenes in crises involving acute psychiatric emergencies, traumatic incidents, family crises, domestic violence, child abuse/neglect, elder abuse/neglect and substance abuse.

If you or someone you know requires Supportive Outreach services please call us at:

Bronx 718-409-8699
Brooklyn 718-498-3243
Manhattan 212-334-2506
Queens 718-206-3286
Staten Island 718-816-1521

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Emergency Transfer Program

NYCHA is concerned about the safety of our residents and we offer an opportunity for residents who qualify as victims of domestic violence, intimidated victims, intimidated witnesses or child abuse victims to quickly and confidentially relocate from their present development, to another NYCHA development. The documentation requirements for victims of domestic violence have recently changed. Please see the the latest victim of domestic violence documentation requirements.

Residents who need an emergency transfer should contact their Development Management Office to complete an emergency transfer application. Residents will also meet with a Safe Horizon Case Manager or District Attorney liaison who will assist the resident in completing the application process.

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Witness Relocation Program

The District Attorney or U.S. Attorney’s Office, in coordination with NYCHA, can fast-track applicants for Public Housing or Section 8 (pursuant to voucher availability), who need to be safely and confidentially relocated to continue participating in the prosecution of criminal cases.

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Furniture Distribution Program

NYCHA acquires and distributes gently used furniture items to residents in need. Priority is given to residents who have relocated from a homeless shelter, victims of domestic violence, and families impacted by disasters. Furniture distribution is available to NYCHA residents in all five boroughs. Please call us for more information:

Staten Island718-816-1521

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Anonymous Resident Referral for NYCHA Social Services

You can now make a referral for a NYCHA resident whom you think would benefit from NYCHA’s Social Services. Just complete the Anonymous Resident Referral for NYCHA Social Services Form and either e-mail it or (if you wish to remain anonymous) fax the form to the number listed for the Social Services Borough Office in the borough where the resident lives.  NYCHA’s Social Services staff will then follow up with the resident. You do not need to give your name.     

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Domestic Violence Programs

Domestic Violence Aftercare Program

The Domestic Violence Aftercare Program is a valuable source of support for victims and witnesses of domestic violence and their families, assisting them with the transition to a new community. Victims of domestic violence who are approved for an emergency transfer receive the support of trained social workers, who provide psychosocial assistance and concrete services to help victims break free from the cycle of violence and adjust to life in a new community. Domestic violence victims approved for transfers and who accept these services are referred to the Human Resources Administration (HRA), which runs the Aftercare Program and is where they receive counseling, case-management, safety planning, and assistance with daycare and after-school programs. In addition, by calling HRA at 212 331-4538, victims can be referred to other services from the Department of Education, City hospitals and community-based providers.

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Domestic Violence Intervention, Education and Prevention Program (DVIEP)

The NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) also administers the Domestic Violence Intervention & Prevention Program, which is operated by Safe Horizon. DVIEP uses Safe Horizon Case Managers, the nation’s leading nonprofit victim assistance, advocacy, and violence prevention organization, and the NYPD Housing Bureau’s Domestic Violence Officers to conduct outreach and provide assistance to victims of domestic violence who reside in NYCHA developments citywide. DVIEP case managers work with clients to identify their most urgent needs and provide information and services, safety planning, and referrals to other agencies for a broad range of comprehensive and supportive services. In addition, DVIEP provides Emergency Transfer assessments, community awareness presentations, and police sensitivity training. Residents may call or walk in for services. The DVIEP Program is available at the following Police Service Areas:

PSA 1 (Coney Island, Brooklyn) 2860 West 23rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11224
718-265-7357 (M, W, F only)
PSA 2 (East New York, Brooklyn) 560 Sutter Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206
PSA 3 (Bushwick, Brooklyn) 25 Central Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206
PSA 4 (Lower East Side, Manhattan) 130 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009
PSA 5 (East Harlem, Manhattan) 221 East 123rd Street
New York, NY 10035
PSA 6 (Central Harlem, Manhattan) 2770 – 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10039
PSA 7 (South Bronx) 737 Melrose Avenue
Bronx, NY 10451
PSA 8 (North Bronx) 2794 Randall Avenue
Bronx, NY 10465
PSA 9 (Flushing, Queens) 155-09 Jewel Avenue
Flushing, NY 11367

Safe Horizon Hotline    1-800-621-HOPE

Safe Horizon is the nation’s leading nonprofit victim assistance, advocacy, and violence prevention organization with more than 80 programs throughout New York’s five boroughs and a staff of 800 dedicated professionals. NYCHA has partnered with Safe Horizon for more than 20 years to ensure that NYCHA residents who report domestic violence victimization receive the emotional and practical support they need. For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Safe Horizon’s Domestic Violence Intervention, Education and Prevention (DVIEP) program hotline number 1-800-621-HOPE, or call your local Safe Horizon Community Office listed below.

Safe Horizon Community Offices

Brooklyn 718-834-6688
Bronx 718-933-1000
Manhattan 212-316-2100
Queens 718-899-1233
Staten Island 718-720-2591

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