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Resident Economic Empowerment and Sustainability

Partnership Opportunities

REES Zone Partnership Opportunities (in PDF)

The partnership opportunities below were developed in collaboration with public housing residents, partner New York City agencies and service providers. Prospective Zone Partners can suggest additional partnership opportunities in the Zone Partnership Application.

In addition to the below partnership opportunities, Zone Partners can benefit from one  direct point of contact within NYCHA via the Zone Coordinator, who will provide on-going technical assistance with navigating NYCHA and local NYCHA stakeholders.  In addition, Zone Partners will have the opportunity to participate in the NYCHA Public Housing Module, which is a two day training around NYCHA policies, designed to support Zone Partners in providing services to residents of public housing;

Our initial partnership offerings include:

1. Connect With Residents Through NYCHA’s Referral System 

The NYCHA Referral System is a web-based platform upon which residents can be connected with your services through NYCHA frontline staff that have unique day-to-day interactions with residents.  Through these interactions, frontline staff have the ability to assess an individual’s economic opportunity needs, whether its workforce development, financial counseling or an ESOL course.  Be a part of this referral system and receive real-time, on-going referrals from NYCHA’s frontline staff.

2. Recruit for a Class

NYCHA uses various methods to recruit residents for classes and/or cohort based programs.  These methods include resident information sessions and targeted recruitment methods.  In addition, REES works closely with frontline staff and resident leadership to share information with residents.  Through targeted outreach and recruitment events, REES can work with you to recruit qualified students for your programs.  Let us know if your organization you would like to partner with REES to recruit qualified NYCHA residents to enroll in your program.

3. Access the NYCHA Resident Training Academy (NRTA) and other job orders

The NRTA is an employment-linked training program in which REES partners with high-quality organizations that provides construction, pest control and janitorial training for qualified NYCHA residents. There may also be opportunities to create customized trainings for other employment opportunities with NYCHA and our partners. REES staff provides job placement assistance to successful graduates by connecting them to job opportunities directly at NYCHA and with our vendors.  Let us know if you would like to access the NRTA by referring qualified candidates for the program and receiving feedback on your referrals to report back to your funders. (Please note that NRTA participants must be authorized NYCHA residents who are on the lease).

4. Help Residents Get Banked (for Community Banks / Credit Unions Only)

Attract depositors to your institution by accepting NYCHA rent payments. REES can help you convert monthly rent payers into members/depositors by using NYCHA’s resources to market your affordable, relevant financial services to a potentially untapped market of NYCHA residents. By connecting residents with a mainstream financial institution through rent payment, REES aims to increase the number of NYCHA residents who access and use affordable financial services and products.

REES Overview
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