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Resident Economic Empowerment and Sustainability

REES Overview

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The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) provides or enables access to safe, stable, affordable housing for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers. As outlined in Plan NYCHA, NYCHA’s roadmap for preservation, NYCHA is committed to connecting residents and communities to critical services.

NYCHA’s Office of Resident Economic Empowerment & Sustainability (REES) measurably supports residents’ increased income and assets through programs, policies and collaborations in four key areas:

Our Approach

NYCHA’s new outcome-driven resident economic opportunity platform—the Zone Model —is focused on service coordination, strategic partnerships, leveraging localized external resources and services, and NYCHA resources to support residents in increasing their income and assets. To accomplish this, NYCHA is taking a multi-pronged approach that includes:

  • Collaborating with economic opportunity service providers around outcome-focused projects;
  • Providing additional capacity and technical assistance to economic opportunity service providers to better support NYCHA residents in reaching their goals;
  • Driving additional public and private investment into public housing neighborhoods to support outcomes for NYCHA residents including supporting the replication of proven economic opportunity models where resources don’t currently exist as well as testing new approaches; and
  • Building a learning community across New York City that develops expertise around supporting public housing residents to reach their economic goals. The learning community within and across NYCHA Zones will test, implement, iterate and replicate best practices in collaboration with residents and other stakeholders.

Experience for Partners

NYCHA’s Zone Partners will be able to access our resources to implement a series of strategic projects that support resident outcomes.  When we refer to “resources,” we are referring to non-financial strengths and assets that NYCHA can bring to the broader community economic development ecosystem. NYCHA Zone Partners will benefit from: NYCHA having access to jobs with its vendors and other partners (supported through HUD’s Section 3 regulation); direct access to NYCHA residents and communications means for reaching them; availability of physical space for high-quality programming; resident data to inform quality service provision and evaluation; and NYCHA’s policymaking capabilities. In addition to accessing NYCHA’s resources, Zone Partners will have a dedicated point of contact for engaging with REES and a system for ongoing communication and shared-learning. 

Measuring Success

REES measures success by our ability to: connect residents and communities to high quality and relevant economic opportunity partners and opportunities; support economic opportunity providers to better serve NYCHA residents; attract resources for public housing residents and to public housing neighborhoods; generate economic opportunities for NYCHA residents. Through partnerships, our aim is to achieve the following resident outcomes:

Employment & Advancement: Increase the number of NYCHA residents that enroll in participating organizations; increase the number of NYCHA residents who get a job and retain a job; increase the number of NYCHA residents who gain additional skills through vocational training and get a new job or advance in an existing or a related field.

Adult Education & Training: Increase the number of NYCHA residents that enroll in participating organizations, increase the number of NYCHA residents who increase one or more NRS level (National Reporting System) through Adult Basic Education/Pre-GED, GED or ESOL classes; increase the number of NYCHA residents who attain a GED.

Financial Literacy & Asset Building: 

Increase the number of NYCHA residents who enroll in participating organizations; increase the number of NYCHA residents with emergency savings and viable credit scores; support residents to reduce debt and access affordable mainstream financial products; connect NYCHA residents with the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and food stamps (SNAP), that will support them in job retention and maintaining general financial stability.

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REES Partnership Opportunities
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