New York City Housing Authority

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Doing Business with NYCHA

Vendor Insurance Information (RiskWorks)

In 2011, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) implemented a new system, “RiskWorks®,” that verifies and monitors vendor compliance with NYCHA’s insurance standards. This system will contact vendors prior to the execution of a contract and any time the insurance coverage information the Authority has on file for that contract is scheduled to expire.

Insurance requirements are dependent upon the work scope identified in the contract solicitation. Please review the bid proposal for the work you are bidding on or the most up-to-date insurance standards anytime at:

To assist you with navigating the RiskWorks® system, a brief summary of the process follows:

  1. Once a contract award is initiated, the contact person on file for your company will receive an e-mail from EXIGIS® requesting your insurance broker’s (or brokers’) contact information.
  2. Once EXIGIS® receives your broker’s information the broker will receive an e-mail requesting completion of a questionnaire on insurance coverage details. The broker will also be required to attach the insurance certificates to your vendor profile in RiskWorks®.
  3. The information from your broker is then evaluated against NYCHA’s insurance requirements. If there are gaps between what’s been provided and required (contractual) coverage details, an EXIGIS® representative will contact you with instructions on how to proceed.

NYCHA requires all contractors to maintain and provide proof of coverage for the duration of the contract. Your prompt cooperation in providing the necessary information (that is, your broker’s contact data and insurance coverage detail) will expedite the execution of your contract.

For further assistance, please see:

     Vendor Help Sheet
     Insurance Requirement Matrix

We thank you for your cooperation in adhering to NYCHA’s insurance requirements.