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Training Opportunities

Selecting the Right Training Program

Consider which seminars or workshops will be most supportive on the job. You can use the following questions to assist you.

In selecting training for yourself, consider:

  • What do I do in my job?
  • What am I expected to do?
  • What are my strengths on which I can build?
  • What do I need to improve (know more about, do better)?
  • What skills/techniques do I need? What do I need now?
  • What improvements should I make in my area, and what skills do I need to make them?
  • What improvements would my clients, staff, or supervisor like?

In selecting training for a staff member, consider:

  • What does my employee do on the job?
  • What do I expect the employee to do?
  • What are the strengths on which I’d like him/her to build?
  • What should my employee improve (know more about, do better)?
  • What skills do my employees need? What do they need now?
  • What improvements would I like my employee to contribute to in our area?

The answers to these questions give you information about the results you want your team to achieve, what you expect from each staff member, how each employee is doing, and the skills and performance areas that need improvement. The answers will help you decide which training programs are most important for you and your staff right now. They also will help you create an ongoing training plan that can improve skills and performance in your agency.

Please review the links below to learn how NYCHA's Training and Development Programs can improve the skills and effectiveness of your personnel.

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