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Doing Business with NYCHA

Selling Goods and Services to NYCHA

Supply Management Department 

To properly manage the procurement process, NYCHA has assigned responsibility of the numerous procurement needs to:

  1. Capital Projects Procurement and General Services Department (GSD)
  2. Supply Management Department (SMD)

Below are brief explanations of the types of procurement each group handles:

Capital Projects Procurement:
[Contact: Vaughn Banks at 212-306-6727]

Construction Contracting, and Architecture and Engineering Consulting Services. Examples include: Substantial renovation involving brick, roof and window replacement; kitchen and bathroom upgrades; building system upgrades involving front entrances, waste management and electrical service; boiler and heating plant replacement; site improvements involving playground and outdoor furniture upgrades, fencing and the installation of formed concrete structures and pavements; and some new construction.

Supply Management Department (SMD): 
[Contact :Johnson Chu at 212-306-4705]

Supply Management Department (SMD) is responsible for sourcing, purchasing, warehousing and the delivery of material and the procurement of services used in the ongoing maintenance of NYCHA developments and offices. In 2010 SCO purchased over $55 million in materials ranging from appliances, electrical, elevator, heating, and plumbing parts to janitorial products, tools, computer equipment, tractors, and trucks.  


Selling Goods and Services to NYCHA 

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