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Doing Business With NYCHA - TV, Film, Photography

Policies and Procedures

Production Guidelines


Before the Production

  • Familiarize yourselves with the neighborhood and be considerate of schools, churches, senior centers, funeral homes, etc.
  • Post only letters approved by the New York City Housing Authority on NYCHA premises to notify residents and staff of the dates and times of the production. The letters should outline how production may affect the residents' normal routines and must include production office contact names and phone numbers. These letters are to be posted in building lobbies or on light poles.
  • Provide blackout material for residents' windows for night exterior shoots if lighting may spill into apartments.
  • Assure nearby businesses that you will not interfere with customer access and/or all regular deliveries.

During the Production

  • The production company is expected to continuously monitor the production to ensure safety and to minimize the inconvenience imposed on residents. 
  • Do not block building entrances/exits or keep equipment in front of buildings that is not directly involved with the shoot.
  • Be sensitive to neighborhood needs while holding parking spaces for their own staff and be aware of and respect special parking areas, such as handicapped parking or moving van access zones.
  • Do not park generator trucks in front of the buildings and never leave truck engines idling under residents' windows.
  • Make certain that trucks and campers fit under trees to avoid damage to branches.
  • Do not hold or block traffic without a police officer. The NYPD Film Unit exists to work with production companies on traffic and security needs.
  • Keep noise to a minimum when arriving in a neighborhood before 7:00 AM or filming past 10:00 PM.
  • Ensure safe pedestrian passage through and around the set by covering cables with mats, and not allowing crew members to congregate in pedestrian passageways.
  • Remind crew members to speak courteously to residents. 

After the Production

The production company must restore the area to its original condition. Perform a thorough overview of the area to ensure that nothing is left behind, including equipment, garbage, all resident letters, parking signs and Vehicular Tow Unit (VTU) signs that were posted during production.

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