New York City Housing Authority

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Doing Business with NYCHA

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) recognizes the importance of private sector partners in providing housing and human services to more than 641,000 New Yorkers. To support operations, NYCHA purchases millions of dollars worth of goods and services annually from suppliers, contractors and consultants. Learn more about bidding on contracting opportunities with NYCHA, and the types of services that NYCHA has to offer by accessing the links below.

Selling Goods and Services to NYCHA: Explore how to use iSupplier - an online bid management tool - to view procurement opportunities, submit bid responses, and manage invoices online.

Procurement Opportunities: View listings of bid opportunities to supply products or services to NYCHA. NYCHA procurement notices can also be found here and in “The City Record On-Line.” Under many circumstances, vendors under consideration for award of contracts must have complete VENDEX Questionnaires for their organization and principals on file.

Minority-owned, Women-owned and Small Business Enterprises (MWSBEs)are afforded an equal opportunity to participate in NYCHA’s procurement process. NYCHA maintains a directory of MWSBEs and provides information to firms interested in contracting with NYCHA.
NYCHA Recognizes Exceptional MWSBE at Competitive Edge Conference (Article)
NYCHA Builds Partnerships to Assist MWSBE Firms (Article)

Prevailing Wage Initiative: Every contractor awarded a construction or building services contract is required to pay its employees who perform work contract wages and supplemental benefits equal to or greater than the applicable Prevailing Wage. NYCHA monitors and enforces contractors’ and subcontractors’ obligation to pay the Prevailing Wage.

Store Leasing: NYCHA leases commercial store space for retail and professional uses, with market competitive rents, negotiable terms and attractive incentives for substantial renovations.

Training and Development Programs: NYCHA's Training and Development Programs offer a wide range of professional development and technical training opportunities to private and public sector employees at affordable prices. Our classroom and hands-on instruction meet the training needs of personnel at all levels: managerial, supervisory, professional, technical, secretarial, and clerical.

Vendor Events: NYCHA hosts a range of vendor events to provide information about specific procurement opportunities and to encourage businesses to participate in NYCHA’s procurement process. These include pre-bidders’ conferences, RFP informational sessions, networking sessions, workshops, etc.

Fight Fraud: Residents and individuals doing business with NYCHA are encouraged to report corruption and criminal activity to the Office of the Inspector General.
 Anti-Corruption Guide for NYCHA Contractors/Vendors (in PDF)

Section 3 Business Concerns: A Registered Section 3 Business Concern is a Section 3 Business Concern that has registered with NYCHA, through the successful submission of this form, and subsequently receives acknowledgement by NYCHA of its Section 3 Business Concern status. Please be advised that by registering as a “Section 3 Business Concern,” your business will be added to a publicly accessible database of NYCHA recognized Section 3 Businesses Concerns that NYCHA and/or its vendors can access to fulfill the Section 3 Business Concern provision. Learn more.