New York City Housing Authority

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Applying for Public Housing

Zip Code Exclusion / Unsafe Zones

When victims of domestic violence are determined eligible for placement to NYCHA public housing, some developments close to the neighborhood where the victim lived will not be offered. This page provides information to applicants of unsafe locations where NYCHA will not offer apartments.

How to use the chart:

At left of chart, locate the zip code where you resided at the time of abuse (“unsafe zip code”), to the right are all the excluded zip codes. You will not be offered any developments located in the excluded zip codes. If you have more than one unsafe zip code, you will be excluded from the excluded zip codes for those areas as well.

Click here for the Zip Code Exclusion Chart.

Click here for a map of the five boroughs in New York City.


Certified Emergency Need Based Priority Wait List / Oldest Certification Date

This chart provides the number of certified emergency priority (“N0” and “N1”) applications waiting for a NYCHA public housing apartment. Applicants are offered apartments based on highest priority and oldest certification date. Therefore, “N0” priority applications will be offered apartments before “N1” priority applications. The chart will be updated every three months.

Click here for the certified waiting list.