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Plan NYCHA: A Roadmap for Preservation

Plan NYCHA Community Conversation with residents at Queeensbridge Community Center
Plan NYCHA: A Roadmap for Preservation

NYCHA’s buildings, residents, employees and communities are a precious asset and a source of opportunity for New York City. We must preserve both the asset and the opportunity for future generations of New Yorkers even as we face major obstacles, including:

  • A national assault on public housing
  • Aging buildings - many dating back to the 1930s and 40s
  • Increasing budget deficits (including reduced funding and higher costs)
  • Elimination of funding for resident services
  • Longer waiting lists for public housing applicants website
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To address these challenges and build a better organization, NYCHA has developed Plan NYCHA: A Roadmap for Preservation. Plan NYCHA was developed in a truly collaborative fashion—involving a wide range of participants from NYCHA employees to public housing residents and resident leadership (including the Citywide Council of Presidents), and community advocates. While Plan NYCHA will continuously evolve, it has ten core critical imperatives that NYCHA and its stakeholders will champion over the next five years and beyond:

1. Preserve the public and affordable housing asset
NYCHA will clearly prioritize its capital needs, improve capital operations, and pursue creative public-private funding solutions to close the gap on unmet capital improvements.

2. Develop new mixed-use, mixed-income housing and resources
NYCHA will analyze financing options to develop new affordable housing as part of the Mayor’s New Marketplace Housing Plan, and to create community and commercial facilities to serve residents and employ New Yorkers. NYCHA will also explore options for building mixed-income and market-rate housing, and for monetizing land and development rights to fund existing NYCHA capital needs.

3. Ensure financial stability
NYCHA will diversify its government funding, increase earned revenue, and create new
business-development capabilities and public-private partnerships to ensure a balanced budget.

4. Expedite maintenance and repairs
NYCHA will ensure that all units are in a state of good repair and that all future needed repairs are scheduled and completed in a timely manner.

5. Strengthen the frontline
NYCHA will become an efficient, high-productivity organization with a strong focus on serving all its properties. NYCHA will be capably staffed with an adequately resourced professional corps of frontline employees. NYCHA will incorporate the best practices from property management companies to provide excellent service and high-quality management throughout its portfolio.

6. Improve safety and security
NYCHA will work with residents and law enforcement to create secure, healthy neighborhoods where residents, employees, and their visitors feel safe, both on NYCHA grounds and inside buildings.

7. Optimize apartment usage and ensure rental equity
NYCHA will transition families to housing units appropriate for their needs; maximize the number of families served by Section 8; phase in rent increases to households paying less than 30 percent of their income; and encourage higher-income families to transition out of public housing.

8. Connect residents and communities to critical services
NYCHA will seek funding from and collaborate with new and existing partners who offer high-quality and results-oriented programming, ensuring that residents receive the maximum benefit from critically-needed community and social services.

9. Excel in customer service
NYCHA must communicate more effectively with its customers in order to streamline service and meet their needs. NYCHA will become a customer-focused organization that strives to make each interaction a positive experience.

10. Create a high-performing NYCHA
As a high-performing organization, efficiency, operational excellence, and continuous improvement will be championed. Empowered employees will be capable of and held accountable for helping NYCHA achieve its goals, and NYCHA will celebrate and reward outstanding performance.

Join Us in This Noble Effort
Despite today’s challenges, NYCHA’s original 1934 mission remains unwavering: to increase opportunities for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers by providing safe, affordable housing and facilitating access to social and community services. Over time, NYCHA’s ability to fulfill this mission has been stretched, and we are now being asked to do more than ever before. We are rising to this new call of duty, but we cannot do it alone.  We want to be flexible enough to deal with today’s realities of our more diverse customer needs, but not lose sight of our fundamental goals: to see families move on and not continue to need our services. But for those we do serve, we need broad-based support from all public housing stakeholders in government, in the non-profit community and in the private sector to maintain our commitment to our core mission. We are asking for your support.

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