New York City Housing Authority

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About NYCHA - Awards

NYCHA Award Archives
NYCHA has always been at the forefront of innovation in public housing, setting the standard for performance in many areas. We value the respect of our peers and are proud of the NYCHA housing professionals who make us deserving of recognition. In this section of our website, we have archived award descriptions that were obtained in 2005 and earlier.

AIA 2005

2005 AIA Merit Design Award for Interior Architecture
(O’Dwyer Gardens Community Center)

2004 Digital Government Achievement Award

Excellence in Financial Reporting

2004 Excellence in Financial Reporting

2004 Computerworld Medal of Achievement

AIA Public Project of the Year

2004 AIA Public Project of the Year, Williamsburg Community Center

2002 Corporate Achievement Award

2002 Corporate Achievement Award

AIA Design Award

2001 AIA Design Award, Community Center at Melrose Houses