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About NYCHA - Awards

NYCHA has always been at the forefront of innovation in public housing, setting the standard for performance in many areas. We value the respect of our peers and are proud of the NYCHA housing professionals who make us deserving of recognition.

Construction Project Manager Oscar Esposito

NYCHA Employee Honored at Mayor’s State of the City Address
Construction Project Manager Oscar Esposito, in Capital Project’s Bronx/Queens Program Unit, proudly stood at the dais during Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s State of the City Address, which was held at the Barclay’s Center on Thursday, February 14. The Mayor’s Office bestowed the honor on Mr. Esposito in recognition of his outstanding work to restore vital services at our Far Rockaway developments following Sandy. Mr. Esposito was part of the Capital Projects team that was immediately deployed to Far Rockaway to work side by side with contractors to re-establish power, heat and hot water for thousands of residents as soon as possible.
Construction Project Manager Oscar Esposito Honored at Mayor’s State of the City Address

2012 Computerworld Honors Laureate

2012 Computerworld Honors Laureate
The New York City Housing Authority was designated a 2012 Computerworld Honors Laureate, in recognition of the pioneering resident IT training program designed to prepare highly motivated young residents for lucrative careers in cutting-edge information technology. The 16-month pilot program leads to a certificate in computer technology underwritten by Columbia University, with skills necessary to succeed in the corporate work environment. The graduates from the first class of 2012 gained employment as consultants at NYCHA and other major employers. The program reflects the Board’s commitment to creating a broad range of employment opportunities for residents, including in areas that demand and reward skills in information technology and other lucrative fields.

2012 John DeCarlo Memorial Award winners Wilfredo Custodio, Dale Lee, and Jesse Orange. (Photo by PETE MIKOLESKI)

2012 John DeCarlo Awards
The Authority's premier employee prize is awarded annually to a caretaker whose job dedication and service to residents, best perpetuate the legacy of Caretaker John DeCarlo, who lost his life on the job at Marlboro Houses in 1997.
Meet the DeCarlo Award Winners

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