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Arelis Vega receives award at Brooklyn Borough Hall
2009 Mayor’s Excellence in Customer Service Award

Arelis Vega, a Community Associate in the Social Services Department, was honored at the Mayor's Excellence in Customer Service Award Ceremony held at Brooklyn's Borough Hall during Customer Service Week on October 8.

As a Senior Resident Advisor, Ms. Vega shares an intimate and supportive relationship with residents. Her responsibilities at Pelham Parkway Houses in the Bronx include visiting and meeting with seniors at 2440 Boston Road Plaza, an all-seniors building, to provide assistance in maintaining independent living.   

In addition to assessing seniors' ability to perform daily tasks, Ms. Vega arranges for assistance, when warranted, from service providers such as home care services, Meals-on-Wheels, and other public entitlements. She also leads a group of senior volunteers that, as residents of the building, act as "eyes and ears" to raise early concerns regarding their neighbors' welfare.

"Ms. Vega is a conscientious and diligent individual, whose enthusiasm and dedication is obvious when observing her interaction with the senior residents," said Celeste Hollingsworth, Ms. Vega's supervisor. "She is very courteous and able to engage the seniors, making them feel at ease and comfortable knowing that she is there to assist them."