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Family history in New York  
  From: Judy
State : VA
Received: 09/25/97

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Brooklyn, and Flushing. My story is about 40 years ago.
My maternal grandparents lived in a beautifull big white house on Hart Island. Pop was the Superintendent of the Welfare Dept. There was a huge shelter there for homeless men.

My memories of Hart Island are the most cherished of my life. I lived all over the world when I was young, but every summer, if we were in the US, we'd go to Hart Island. There I learned to ride a bike, skate, spell, and pray. Pray because there was a solitude on that Island that made it easier for you to concentrate, and it gave a message that even a young kid could understand. (I found out that there was no Santa Clause during one visit.)

A good portion of my formative moments are linked with that Island. I spent many Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays there loving it and never wanting to leave. My heart will be there forever. The poor and the homeless have the one thing that I want the most and can't have, a beautiful place to rest in peace.


White House in Hart Island

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