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Family history in New York  
  From: Alfred
State : MA
Received: 02/09/98

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My story is that of my Father who at 82 has had the last rites of the Catholic Church twice, is a successful entrepreneur without formal education, and has been in the Merchant Marine, the U.S. Army, the Fire Department of N.Y.C.

Besides these jobs, he has been a labor organizer with Teddy Gleason with the Longshoremen (with his father), an insurance broker, a stock broker, an industrialist, and Chairman and C.E.O of two high tech corporations:one in telecommunications and electronics, and the other in biotechnology.

He was born in Harlem in 1915 and fifteen years later, started working--and hasn't stopped. His three children all have college degrees and graduate studies.

If anyone is a successful product of New York City, it is my Dad.


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