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Family history in New York  
  From: Pat
State : Kent, UK
Received: 11/26/00

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My great uncle, James Sewell emigrated to New York in the early 1900s. He corresponded home regularly to his family in Weybridge, Surrey, UK. James, or Jimmy as he was known, was a very talented pianist and he opened an apparently successful music shop. All that is known is that it was in New York but where, exactly, is long forgotten.

My mother, who is now 84, used to look forward to Uncle Jimmy's letters home. One day he wrote to say that he had met a very nice "ladyfriend" and that they were going on a sea trip. This was just a few months before the outbreak of WWI. Nothing was ever heard of him again.

My great-grandmother died without knowing what happened to her son and my grandmother died never knowing what happened to her brother. My mother still talks about it and says she feels nostalgic whenever she sees or hears anything about New York.

Just thought I would tell our little tale of one lost New Yorker.


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