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Excerpts from The Ultimate New York City Trivia by Hy Brett.
© 1997 by Hy Brett. Published by Rutledge Hill Press, Nashville, TN. Reprinted by permission. To order, call 1-800-234-4234.

New York City Trivia
"God made the country, but man made the town."
William Cowper

Question mark 1. Who, the son of a slave, was America’s first international sports hero?
Triathlete, Marvin Williams of Manhattan. Born October 11, 1770.
Boxer Bill Richmond of Staten Island. Born August 5, 1763.
Runner, James Hopkins of Brooklyn. Born March 17, 1765.
Question mark 2. Where, on August 26, 1939, was the first telecast of a major league baseball game?
Ebbets Field in Brooklyn.
Yankee Stadium - Bronx.
Shea Stadium - Queens.
Question mark 3. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, when Lower East Siders couldn’t afford a radio, what was a popular form of entertainment every Monday night at the Henry Street Settlement Playhouse?
Community theater. British plays were not very popular, especially Shakespeare. Shakespeare plays were shun.
Community sing. And high on the charts in the mostly Jewish neighborhood were Yiddish translations of Negro spirituals.
Stick ball. Stick ball tournaments between neighborhoods were often the highlight of each month.
Question mark 4. During the 1940s and 1950s, the Golden Age of comic books, what was the message of a frequent sign in candy stores all over town?
Question mark 5. How did Walt Whitman describe his relationship to the city?
"Walt Whitman am I, a Kosmos, of mighty Manhattan the son."
""New York City is like a Big Brother to me, courageous and nurturing."
"I Love and Hate New York, as I do the misty mornings of Sunday.
Question mark 6. Early in his training to co-star with Bonzo, Ronald Reagan made what film about a resident of the Big Apple?
The Man from Manhattan.
Cowboy from Brooklyn.
The Babe Ruth Story.
Question mark 7. What New Yorker, born into high society, will always be associated with a shady gambling operation in an African city?
Katherine Hepburn. For her role in African Queen.
Humphrey Bogart. For his role in Casablanca.
Robert Redford. For his role in Out of Africa.
Question mark 8. Jimmy Walker, elected mayor in 1925, wrote what great love song that appealed to older voters?
"Will You Love Me in December as You Did in May?"
Hello My Darling.
Mend My Old Heart.
Question mark 9. How did Mayors Fiorello LaGuardia and Rudolph Giuliani exercise the musical heritage of their Italian ancestors?
They both learned to play the violin as adults.
La Guardia sang tenor for the New York City Chorus. Giuliani guest appeared in 5 Broadway shows.
LaGuardia conducted bands and orchestras. Giuliani does walk-ons at the Metropolitan Opera.
Question mark 10. Back in the early 17th century, when the city was still New Amsterdam, how did women display their respectability?
All dresses and skirts were worn below the knees.
They always wore white on Sundays.
In addition to wedding rings, they wore scissors and pin cushions.
Question mark 11. Though Christians, the early Dutch in the city celebrated what holiday usually associated with Jews?
Yom Kippur.
Question mark 12. On June 12, 1665, who became the first mayor of the city?
William Dyre.
Thomas Willett.
Stephanous Van Cortlandt.
Question mark 13. In the 1940s, circus strongman The Mighty Atom panhandled herbal remedies that he claimed could cure what afflictions of male New Yorkers?
Baldness and impotence.
Question mark 14. Located in the Financial District, Maiden Lane was named not for women on the Stock Exchange but in what other occupation?
Washing clothes.
Question mark 15. Recent Presidents have slept at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, but George Washington, our first President, slept at what address in Manhattan?
1 Broadway.
3 Cherry Street.
2 Water Street.
Question mark 16. On April 30, 1789, why was the ceremony delayed when George Washington was sworn in as first President in New York City?
A Bible had to found for his taking the oath of office.
His wife was in labor. She went into labor one hour before the ceremony was to be held, three months before she was expected.
Hurricane Charles shut down the entire City. Charles was New York City's worst hurricane ever to be recorded.
Question mark 17. In case you missed Washington’s inaugural ball, where can you see the outfit he wore?
Gracie Mansion, East End at 88th Street.
The Whitney Museum, 945 Madison Avenue.
The Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue.
Question mark 18. Long before the popularity of the Internet and even the telephone, Maspeth in Queens was a center of what all-natural form of communication?
Messenger Boy Headquarters.
Pony Express.
The training of carrier pigeons.
Question mark 19. Groundhogs may be accurate weather predictors in other areas, but according to the New York City Audubon Society, the sighting of what migrant bird is a sure sign that winter is over here in town?
The Palm Warbler.
The Great Horned Owl.
The Northern Gannet.
Question mark 20.What, appropriately, was the first play at the Bowery Theater in 1826?
The Road to Ruin.
The Bowery Boys.
Dem Bums.
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