Courtesy of anonymous collectors in New York City

Given the private ownership of these postcards, they are not to be reproduced in any form or posted on any other website.

City College, New York City
Publisher Unknown
Not mailed -- from early 1900's

Main Concourse, Pennsylvania Station
"A covered assembling place over 200 feet wide, extending the entire width of the Station. Located directly over the tracks on which the trains arrive and depart. The concourse is the vestibule to the tracks; stairs descend from it to each of the train platforms. All of this area is open to the tracks, forming a courtyard 340 feet wide by 210 feet broad, roofed by a lofty dome of iron and glass."
Published by The Union News Co.
Mailed September 6, 1942

H olland Vehicular Tunnel, New York City
Publisher Unknown
Mailed on May 4, 1933

Water Tower in Action, New York City
Publisher Unknown
Mailed on February 19, 1907

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