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An NYC Business Acceleration consultation will help ensure your project complies with applicable laws and regulations prior to your establishment opening. During the consultation, an NYC Business Acceleration team member will identify issues of non-compliance on-site and you will have an opportunity to ask questions. The team member will not issue violations except for life-safety hazards. NYC Business Acceleration offers food service establishment (Department of Health and Mental Hygiene), grease interceptor (Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on behalf of Department of Environmental Protection), and rangehood (Fire Department) consultations.

Compliance Advisors – Compliance Advisors provide free education and guidance to help business owners understand how to comply with key City rules to avoid receiving common violations. Advisors will provide information on multiple agencies, including Department of Health, Department of Consumer Affairs, Department of Sanitation, Department of Environmental Protection, Fire Department (starting Fall 2016) and Department of Buildings (starting Fall 2016).

NYC Business Acceleration provides rangehood tests and inspections (Fire Department), pre-operational food service establishment inspections (Department of Health and Mental Hygiene) and grease interceptor inspections (Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on behalf of Department of Environmental Protection).

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Rangehood - Commercial cooking equipment must have independent exhaust systems.  Rangehood systems must be inspected for compliance with the Fire Code before cooking can begin.  A rangehood consultation or inspection may be requested by anyone related to the establishment.  A rangehood test may only be requested by a licensed master fire suppression contractor.

Food Service Establishment Pre-Operational / Grease Interceptor - A pre-operational inspection will formally confirm that your establishment complies with the health laws and will allow you to legally open faster than you could otherwise. If you fail to pass, you will not receive fines so long as you are not storing or preparing food and you are not serving customers. A grease interceptor consultation or inspection can be performed at the same time as your pre-operational consultation or inspection.