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Accessibility Waiver

Accessibility Waiver

1101.3.5 Waiver of requirements.

The commissioner may waive the requirements of this chapter for the alteration of existing buildings, provided, however, that such waiver would not significantly adversely affect provisions for health, safety and security and that equally safe and proper alternatives are prescribed and, further, that such waiver is based upon a specific finding that strict compliance with the requirement:

  1. Would create an undue economic burden;
  2. Would not achieve its intended objective;
  3. Would be physically or legally impossible;
  4. Would be unnecessary in light of alternatives which ensure the achievement of the intended objective or which, without a loss in the level of safety, achieve the intended objective more efficiently, effectively or economically; or
  5. Would entail a change so slight as to produce a negligible additional benefit consonant with the purposes of this chapter.

1101.3.5.1 Application process.

Each application for a waiver shall be made to the commissioner in writing, setting forth each requirement sought to be waived and the specific reason or reasons therefore. The commissioner shall determine, under all of the circumstances presented by such application, which of such requirements may appropriately be waived. The commissioner shall render such determination in a writing, which shall set forth in detail, the commissioner’s findings and conclusions with respect to each requirement sought to be waived. A copy of such written determination shall be forwarded to the applicant. Such written determination shall be filed with the department and shall be available for public inspection.

1101.3.5.2 Waiver recommendation.

The Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities or its successor agency shall be consulted by and shall advise the commissioner concerning each application for a waiver under Section 1101.3.5.

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