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Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf
3417 Volta Place NW
Washington, DC 20007
V/TTY (202) 337-5220

Provides speech education and reading services. Publications include Volta Review (quarterly), and Volta Voices (bi-monthly). There is a small membership fee. Parents can apply for a free first-year membership.

Auditory Oral School of NY / Strivright
3321 Avenue M
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Voice: (718)531-1800
Fax: (718)407-2648

An Auditory/Oral Early Intervention and Preschool Program servicing hearing impaired children and their families. Programs include: Early Intervention (center-based and home-based), preschool, integrated preschool classes with children with normal hearing, multidisciplinary evaluations, parent support, individual auditory-verbal therapy, speech, occupational and physical therapies, music therapy, complete audiological services, cochlear implant habilitation, mainstreaming, ongoing support services following mainstreaming.

Lexington School for the Deaf
Deafness Information and Referral Service
30 Jackson Heights, NY 11370
V/TTY (718) 899-8800
Fax (718) 899-9846

Provides children with vocational and mental health services.

New York City Board of Education
Citywide Programs/District 75
22 E. 28th Street, 2nd Floor
New York NY 10016
Voice 1 (212) 481-5642
TTY (212) 679-6104
Fax (212) 679-6113 

Provides special education programs for deaf and hard-of-hearing students aged 3-21. Programs include resource rooms (SIS II), and self-contained classes (MIS VIII). Admission is through the Committee on Special Education HHVI (Hearing Handicapped/Visually Impaired) and the Citywide Committee for the Hearing and Visually Impaired.

Junior High School 47M, School for the Deaf
225 E. 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010
Voice 1 (917) 256-4600
TTY (212) 481-0307
Fax (917) 256-4619

Offers a one-to-one program for parents and children under age 3 and an Integrated Pre-School program. Educational programs for children ages 5-21 provide academic, pre-vocational, and vocational job training.

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