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Examples of Work

  • Widening doorways within non-structural partitions;
  • Conversion of steps into ramps no greater than 18” in height;
  • Replacing existing plumbing fixtures with accessible fixtures;
  • Removal of sink base cabinets to provide an accessible work surface and/or a sink;
  • Installation of accessible amenities such as grab bars, door openers, accessible door handles, accessible height shelving;
  • Installing accessible railings;
  • Installation / conversion of residential doorbell and/or smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when an audible or visual system is needed; and
  • Other barrier removals that may be required by individuals with disabilities subject to review by MOPD.

Photos of modified bathroom, both before and after. In the top left corner, sits two photos of a bathroom door with a red arrow pointing from the left to the right. The door on the left is a smaller width with a round knob, and then door on the right is wider with long metal handle. The text below the images reads, 'Widened doorway for wheelchair access. Replaced doorknob with accessible handle,' Below the text, in the bottom left corner are two photos of a bathroom before modification. The images together show a crammed bathroom with a two foot tall bathtub next to a toilet that is pushed against a wall. From these two images there is a red arrow pointing to four images that occupy the right side of the page that show the modified bathroom. The bathtub has been completely removed leaving an empty floor with a drain, the toilet has much more open space around it and there are several grab bars that have been added to the walls surrounding the bathroom. Text below reads, Removed bathtub to create accessible walk-in shower. Added several grab bars.' Project Open House logo sits on the bottom of the page.
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