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NYC At Work 2015 – At work it's what I can do that matters:

In business, the investment that drives innovation is talent. Businesses that are inclusive in recruitment, retention and advancement benefit from a wider pool of talent, skills and creative business solutions. Work environments that are flexible and open to the talents of all qualified individuals, including those with disabilities, actually promote workplace success for everyone.

The business community has a powerful role to play in improving outcomes for people with disabilities.

If you are an employer and would like to learn more about what YOU can do to support the recruitment, retention and advancement of New York's untapped talent, call 212.788.2830 and dial #4 for further information.

Starting this January, the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities will be releasing videos for our new campaign, NYC at Work. We will be creating and sharing video profiles that highlight various hardworking people with disabilities around NYC all year long. Our aim is to celebrate individuals with disabilities in the workplace as well as spread awareness of the importance of hiring people with disabilities. Stay tuned for more videos!

NYC at Work Profiles

Becky Curran - Coordinator of the Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Department at SAG-AFTRA

National Disability Employment Awareness Month Profiles

Victor Calise – Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities
Tiffany Yu – Director of Business Development at Revolt TV
Dirk Hohenkirk – Outreach Logistic Coordinator at the Office of Emergency Management
Yannick Benjamin – Sommelier at the University Club
Edward German – Steward at the Ritz Carlton, New York, Central Park


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