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This copy of the Rules (which we provide as a courtesy to those who request it), while not official, is, to the best of our knowledge, complete and accurate at the time of its printing. These Rules and proposed rule amendments are also available in hard copy. To request a copy, please call (212) 788-0010 or send an email to

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The underlying purposes of these Procurement Policy Board Rules are to:

  • Simplify, clarify, and modernize the law governing procurement by the City of New York
  • Permit the continued development of procurement policies and practices
  • Make as consistent as possible the uniform application of these policies throughout New York City agencies
  • Provide for increased public confidence in New York City's public procurement procedures
  • Ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all persons who deal with the procurement system of the City of New York
  • Provide for increased efficiency, economy, and flexibility in City procurement activities and to maximize to the fullest extent the purchasing power of the City
  • Foster effective broad-based competition from all segments of the vendor community, including small businesses, and minority- and women-owned and operated enterprises
  • Safeguard the integrity of the procurement system and protect against corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse
  • Ensure appropriate public access to contracting information
  • Foster equal employment opportunities in the policies and practices of contractors and subcontractors wishing to do business with the City

The official text to the Procurement Policy Board Rules can be found in The Rules of the City of New York, Volume 4, which you can purchase from:

New York Legal Publishing Corporation
136 Railroad Ave. Ext.
Albany, New York 12205
(518) 459-1100
(800) 541-2681

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