Mayor's Office of Contract Services
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Nonprofit Contracting Assistance

´╗┐ ´╗┐The Nonprofit Sector in New York City

´╗┐Nonprofits provide vital services to New York City residents and have a positive impact on the lives of all New Yorkers, whether through our hospitals, art and music, day care, or support for the homeless. The many services that this sector provides with public and private funding make our communities stronger and more resilient. 

Recognizing the importance of the nonprofit sector, the City continues to establish strong partnerships to help support efficient delivery of quality services to all New Yorkers.  This page provides helpful information and links for all nonprofits, and also contains information specifically for nonprofits that provide services under contract with the City.

Table of Contents

 The Mayor’s Nonprofit Initiative

In April 2009, Mayor Bloomberg outlined new initiatives to help New York City's nonprofit organizations face challenges heightened by the economic downturn. A growing number of nonprofits are experiencing an increase in client needs while facing declining financial resources. To address these challenges, the City's plan focuses on reducing the fixed costs of nonprofit organizations, enhancing the responsiveness and efficiency of City contracting procedures and facilitating new partnerships for stronger nonprofit management and governance. Click here to find out more. 

 NYC Contracting Process for Nonprofits

Contract procurement is a funding mechanism that requires nonprofit organizations that are seeking awards from the City to be fully invested partners in the responsible use of public funds. The Procurement Policy Board Rules determine the process for City agencies to select service providers based on experience and qualifications. The selection of human services providers is usually accomplished through evaluations of proposals submitted in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP).

To find out about open RFPs you can search the City Record Online (CROL), the relevant City agency’s website, and sign up your organization to automatically receive copies of relevant RFPs by confirming it is enrolled on the right bidders lists. Call the Vendor Enrollment Center (VEC) at 212-857-1680 and request a copy of your organization’s commodity codes 

MOCS has designated senior staffer Jennifer Way as Nonprofit Contract Facilitator, helping nonprofits that need assistance with City contracting.  For assistance please email or call 212-788-0001.  To learn more about the procurement process, visit the About Procurement section.

 Check the Status of a City Contract

 Human Services Plans

City agencies publish plans listing their upcoming procurement actions to provide continuity of service for human service contracts that expire each year. These plans are updated frequently to reflect how agencies are progressing in moving contracts to timely registrations so payment can be made as of the contract start date.  Check the status of a human services contract by City agency.   

 Discretionary Award Tracking

The City Charter and procurement rules recognize the close connection between local elected officials, such as City Council Members and Borough Presidents, and the communities they represent.  As part of the budget adoption process, such officials are permitted to designate awards to individual not-for-profit organizations and funds for council initiatives.  Check the status of a City Council discretionary award. 

 MOCS Resources

 Nonprofit Contract Facilitator

As part of the Mayor's new initiatives to help New York City nonprofits face economic challenges, The Mayor's Office of Contract Services has designated senior staffer Jennifer Way as the Nonprofit Contract Facilitator, helping nonprofits that need assistance with City contracting.  For assistance please email or call 212-788-0001.

 Capacity Building Training for Nonprofits                       

The Nonprofit Contract Facilitator also oversees the Capacity Building and Oversight Unit, which offers free training to nonprofits to strengthen board governance, financial management, legal compliance and contract management. Nonprofit board members, officers and staff members of organizations that have a current contract with the City of New York may attend these classes at no charge.  The Nonprofit Assistance Calendar includes all upcoming classes.

 Capacity Building and Oversight (CBO) Reviews

CBO has conducted hundreds of comprehensive reviews of the internal policies and practices of nonprofits who contract with the City. The reviews evaluate current practices and make sure they align with best practices in the sector. CBO analysts review and give recommendations regarding the organizational capacity, board engagement, governance practices, fiduciary responsibilities, internal controls and overall management of not-for-profit contract.  For more information about the CBO unit visit the CBO homepage.

Please visit for more information regarding nonprofit assistance.

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